Tuesday, September 21, 2010

thankful for catchup

11th- thankful to have had a morning with just jay.
12th- thankful for a very kind conversation from an admired woman after she saw me struggle with two boys during church.
13th-thankful that jay came home and took charge of the evening.
14th- thankful to run errands with a friend
15th- thankful to celebrate another year of jay's life! thankful to have a friend visiting to share the everyday life with.
16th- thankful my mom watched tucker all day so I could shop with my friend all day
17th- thankful to another friend who watched tucker so I could go to the temple with my friend, and be able to go out to lunch and shop all day
18th-thankful that goodbyes can be sad- makes me so thankful for friendship- that friendship endures
19th-thankful to have food enough to feed our family and another without making a run to the store the night before
20th-so thankful for my kids, friends, parents who are now my friends. they totally make me realize that we are not alone in our parenting struggles. Especially thankful for a turning moment for one of our kids last night. a conflict that went in the right direction. an exchange that ended positively!
21st- so thankful to have the gift of not being in a hurry. sitting in the car with tucker watching a cement truck and the men pouring concrete. how much it looked like decorating a cake.

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