Monday, November 29, 2010


Thankful for the windchimes blowing outside our door.
Thankful to have made it through part of the laundry.
Thankful for how good clean laundry smells.
Thankful that Tucker noticed that fact.
Thankful that Jay took over tonight when I. Had. Had. It.
Thankful that we are all allowed to start over every day.
Thankful to kiss all the kids goodnight after they were asleep and whisper a mothers prayer in their ears.

Sunday- 28th

Thankful for tithing settlement.
Thankful for the insight of how following a prompting blessed someone.
Thankful for a day full of friendship.
Thankful that everyone is on the mend.
Thankful for wonderful surprises.
Thankful for a delicious dinner made by someone else.
Thankful for something so magical to look forward to.


Thankful for shiny clean toilets and clorox wipes. (again, or still- whichever way you want to look at it.)

Thankful for my kids improved health. (for the most part)
Thankful that the kids get to play with cousins.
Thankful for leftovers at my mom's.
Thankful for a trip to Border's and coupons.
Thankful for the nice man at Border's.
Thankful to already know what I am doing for the kids singing time tomorrow.


Thankful for a great book to read while I take care of sick kids.
Thankful for a brief moment where everyone felt well enough to watch a movie together.
Thankful that Jay ran the errands.
Thankful for internet bill pay.


Thankful for Jay cleaning out the car after Luke was sick.
Thankful for times together.
Thankful for health.
Thankful to sleep in.


Thankful for naps. (For me!)
Thankful that the kids are out of school.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Funny how things repeat themselves. I started to write what I was thankful for and thought ... hmm this feels familiar. I am thankful for it .... again.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday- 22nd

Thankful for tile floor & clorox wipes at 5 in the morning.
Thankful for Jay- that he helps out with sick kids.
Thankful for netflix.
Thankful for another beautiful day of sunny skies.
Thankful that I got to be home to take care of Tucker.
Thankful that I got to rock him to sleep.


Thankful for revelation.
Thankful for personal study time.
Thankful for easy food prep.
Thankful for my mom.
Thankful for my kids prayers.
Thankful for the music in church today played so amazingly on the organ.
Thankful that we made it to church today.


Thankful to witness a baptism.
Thankful for many good things to choose from.
Thankful for a date with Tucker.
Thankful for another Saturday of the boys playing with cousins at my mom's.
Thankful for friends.
Thankful to have some alone time.
Thankful to go to bed.


Thankful for a trip to Sam's with my mom.
Thankful to have the grocery shopping caught up.
Thankful to have something to look forward to.
Thankful that Savanna gets involved with good things.
Thankful to see all the beautiful leaves changing. It looks so different this year for some reason.
Thankful for friends to scrapbook with. Even if it was more talk and organizing than actual scrapbooking.


Thankful for another awesome story time at the Bethany Public library.
Thankful to have the house tidied up.
Thankful to volunteer at the school.
Thankful that the kids are taking piano.
Thankful to have the car today to get where we need to go.


I am thankful for public library's and their storytimes.
I am thankful we tried out a new library.
I am thankful for free bread.
I am thankful for a loose schedule.
I am thankful for 80% off.
I am thankful for cub scouts- and Jack working hard.
I am thankful for Jay taking Luke on a walk.


I am thankful that we had already made a change of plans for Savanna to get a ride for her tryouts.
I am thankful that Jay was able to get Savanna to school safely before having the brakes lock up.
I am thankful to have a second car to get us where we need to go.
I am thankful for story time and free chocolate.
I am thankful to have extra time in the car with Jay.


I am thankful for a small laundry day.
I am thankful for big surprises.
I am thankful for a project that turned out better than expected.
I am thankful for a quick trip to Sam's and Hobby Lobby.
I am thankful that Jay made it home safe- after having car problems.


I am thankful for two kind friends phone calls. I am thankful for their thoughts.
I am thankful that everyone pitched in to help get things ready for dinner.
I am thankful for good dinner conversation.
I am thankful to see someone in a different light.


I am thankful for opportunities to try new things.
I am thankful for thrift stores.
I am thankful for an unexpected date with Jay.
I am thankful that he found me boots!
I am thankful the boys were invited to play with their cousins at Nan's.
I am thankful Savanna tried something new.
I am thankful for the example of others resistance.


I am thankful to have the chance to go to the temple. I am thankful to be able trade childcare so that I can go, as well as help someone else be able to go.
I am thankful for a family dinner at 8:00 at night.
I am thankful for a date to starbucks with Jay and over-generous friends.
I am thankful to have so many things to consider.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Thankful for:

Getting the errands finished and having the pantry re-stocked.

Jammies with feet.

Pancakes for dinner.

Piano teacher that comes to our house for three lessons.

Being able to import almost 500 photos tonight and not losing them. (Relief!)


Thankful for

An uneventful trip to the Dr. for Luke.

Finishing the laundry that was started on Monday before Thursday!

Listening to Savanna give a well prepared presentation at church that she put together without our help.

My mom for helping with the boys again.


Thankful for

Lunch with a friend.

Family eating dinner together.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Thankful for:

The sun shining early in the morning!

A kind invite from a friend.

The very funny things Tucker says.

So very thankful for patient Jay. For him finishing a project I had not business starting. For him taking out the dishwasher and figuring out the plumbing stuff. For getting that dishwasher out of the house.


Thankful to sit through a whole meeting with the kids not having to leave.
Thankful to sing beautiful music.
Thankful to a sunday nap.
Thankful for pancakes for dinner.
Thankful to watch a moving show about the prophet Joseph Smith.
Thankful to end the day as a family.


I am so very thankful for those that teach music to my kids.
I am thankful for Savanna's voice. I am thankful that her voice combined with others moves me to tears. I am thankful that I got to share that with Jay and the other parents. I am thankful I got to listen to it uninterrupted because my mom had the boys.

I am thankful for shopping time with Jay and Savanna. Without the boys.

I am thankful for a mom, dad, and Jack date. A very special date.

I am thankful that laundry was already finished and ironed so I could just go to bed.


I am thankful for a napping child, other kids reading, and the house so very still.
I am thankful that Jay woke up early to teach the youth at church early morning seminary.
I am thankful that I had free uninterrupted time to create.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I am thankful for:


an invite from a friend,

a friend dropping off pants for one of the kids,

my mom finding me an iron!,

going to a new library story time with Tucker,

Luke having a full day of school for the first time this week,

that my kids love school,

a full wonderful uninterrupted nights sleep last night.


Thankful for:

heading upstairs to make the bed, and finding out its already made,

taking Luke to the Dr. and getting him the care he needs,

a call from my niece,

a crockpot,

a yummy pretzel eaten alone,

peanut butter m&m's,

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 2nd, 2010

Thankful for:

The relief that came this morning when I realized the dishes were already clean and that I was not walking into a messy, dirty kitchen,

Being able to go vote without kids in tow,

My Mom for watching the boys so I could go vote and pick up Luke's homework,

Good health for those that have it in our house, and increased wellness for those who don't,

Coming home to a cleaned up kitchen,

My whole family liking dinner,



all the sounds in my house, the ticking clocks, the beeps of various machines, the sound of legos being sifted, the shower running, the whirring of the computer fan, playlists and pandora, piano playing, creaking stairs, pattering feet on the concrete, it all makes up the soundtrack of our home.

Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1st, 2010

Thankful for:
Laundry washed and folded
school nurse,
being home and not in the hospital,
dinner that was waiting to be heated up in the fridge,
clean kitchen window,
dishes washed, dried and put away,
apple drawer in fridge being fixed,
free redbox,
rocking Tucker to sleep,
not having to take the car in for repairs,
many family members that helped out today, getting kids, watching kids,
Jack winning something for customer appreciation from the library,
girlfriends that call and email to check up on me,
the end of October,
the beginning of November,
the end of the day.