Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 14th, 15th, 16th-2010 blessings

Thursday night- I was thankful for our piano teacher who comes to our home. I was thankful that Jay and I had time to communicate our thoughts. That we each were able to express our concerns and suggestions for our children. That we had time to do it and were not interrupted.

Friday night- I was thankful for the beautiful titch of a sunset-The beautiful paleness of it. That it was there. It filled me with hope after a gray day. To have the sun for a moment. I was thankful for a script tucked in my purse from Tuesday's Dr. appointment, "just in case" Luke started running a fever. Because today he did. I was thankful my sister was available to run over and sit with the two littles while I went and picked up the medicine, and that my neighbor brought the bigs home from school. At two different times. It allowed me to have a short nap while the littles watched a movie.

Saturday night- I was thankful that we all got out for a walk in the fog and rain- I took photos of us at Lake Hefner and you would not know we are in Oklahoma. It looks like we are on the coast, back in Oregon, maybe.

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