Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 4th, 2010 blessings

Last night I was thankful for our friends Jake and Amy. They came by to say good-bye to our family before they move to San Fransisco. Jake and Jay used to work together. Now Jake is moving on to work for a fruit company that specializes in cool technology type things that I use everyday, and Jay would be lost without.
I am thankful for our friendship. I loved whenever we were able to get together. Amy would always jump right in and help do whatever needed to be done, and they put up with our kids acting like happy puppies whenever they saw them. Amy taught me to make crepes- so yummy.
Jake used to be in a band, and I have been bugging him to sing for us for a long time. Finally last night he played the guitar and sang for us.
We are excited for this opportunity for them, but feel just a little sad they will be gone.
I am thankful for friendship-

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