Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 6th ,7th, 8th and 9th-2010 blessings

Wednesday January 6th-I was just so thankful.
Seriously so thankful and relieved. Completely relieved.

Thursday night January 7th-I felt thankful for a new toy from Jay. Thankful that he picked up on something said in conversation and sold a few things to get me a Itouch. I was thankful also that school was not canceled for the freezing weather. I was thankful that someone else took care of my tire that was loosing air that day.

Friday night January 8th-
I was thankful that it was the weekend. I was thankful that Savanna and my hotel room for state choir is going to cost half of what I thought. I was thankful for movie night at my moms.

I am thankful for sleeping in. I am thankful for phone calls from girlfriends this week. I am glad the sun shone for the last few days. I am thankful for a date with Jay.

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