Sunday, December 20, 2009

Blessing a Day 2009-December 20

I am thankful that two of my boys helped me make applesauce this morning. While I cored, sliced and peeled the two of them chopped and stirred and poured. Then I mashed. All the while the 3rd brother hollered for eggnog. It sure made things go faster having helpers. Many hands make light work.

I am thankful that I was invited to go caroling tonight with a few other couples from church. Tucker and I went together as a date. I love singing- and I love singing loud. I think singing Christmas songs is one of the only times that you can get away with singing loud and not sound obnoxious or like you are trying to show off or perform. I love how I feel when I sing Christmas carols. I am so thankful I got to do that tonight. I am sure that we gave a gift to those we sung to, but I feel like I was given a gift as well.

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