Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blessing a Day 2009-December 25

December 25th- I was just thankful- feeling so thankful for the day to be together. For every little thing of Christmas. For the meaning of why we celebrate to all the other fluff and stuff. I was thankful to still have littles and bigs that "believe" in the magic of Christmas.

I was most thankful for the extra computer work Jay has been doing over the last 3 weeks that provided our Christmas. Right before Thanksgiving Jay and I sat down to go over our finances. While we had enough to cover our day to day needs, there was not much left for Christmas. The money that we normally save out for Christmas needed to be used for life stuff. This last year has been one medical thing after another and then several large home emergencies, buying a car etc... it just felt like we were financially drained. We kept reminding ourselves that we had what we needed. I remember Jay looking at me and saying " this is it? Wow- you sure don't seem stressed out." I guess I just figured that something would work out, or that this was just how this Christmas would be. Jay started getting side job after job. He would bring home computers from others and have them layed out on the table night after night, and make house "pit stops" on his way home from work. I feel extremely thankful for the blessing of extra work. On Christmas morning I felt thankful that we were able to have not only our needs taken care of but also our wants.
I am thankful that this last year we have continued to work hard to stay out of debt and not add consumer debt. That the only debt we have added is medical bills. I am thankful that we have done without things that we want so that we can have that feeling of security knowing that we don't owe. I am thankful that Jay and I are in agreement on this.
I ended Christmas day just feeling so thankful for what we have, and thankful for the "stuff" we don't.

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