Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blessing a Day 2009-December 29

I was thankful for the man that helped me back my car out of the parking lot.

There is one parking lot at a Dr.s office over at Mercy hospital that always "drives me nuts!"
The cars are always a little out of sorts and it makes me wonder why there are lines in the gravel.
Well there was a lot of leftover snow today so the parking lot was crazier. I found a good spot (or so I thought.) When I came out my car was surrounded by more crazily parked cars. I was trying to back out and just could not see. A man saw my plight and got out of his car and directed me, just like I was some big airliner.
It gave me a chuckle and I was so thankful. A little embarrassed, but so thankful!

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