Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blessing a Day-December 5

I could not post last night- the computer was being occupied for homework.

I am thankful for flowers.

It was later than Tucker's normal bedtime last night and I was trying to get him ready for bed, clean up the kitchen, and encourage him to go upstairs so we could tidy up his room. There were lots of legos everywhere. Of course there was more playing to do than cleaning up in Tucker's mind. He asked for help cleaning up and said he wanted to make me happy.
Then he said in his cute voice ...
"Okay, here you go. Here's your flowers."

"Does it make you happy Mom?"

Yep, Tucker. You make Mom happy.

(I am also thankful I did not raise my voice with him for not cleaning up fast enough. I am glad I did not just grab all the legos in one big swoop to clean up for him- I would have missed out on getting flowers all together!)

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