Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blessing a Day 2009-December 27

Today I am thankful that there is no church. When we got the call yesterday that church was canceled I squealed with excitement. Another day home all together! A day that we get Jay all to ourselves! No early morning meetings that he will be leaving for! We can all sleep in together!
Then I felt a twinge of guilt. But I got over that feeling quick. There are Sunday after Sunday (and days in the week) that we serve and give of our family time so that Jay can serve. That is what makes today so exciting and special and feel like a gift.

I am thankful that the feeling of Christmas is still lingering. I have not had any of that "let down" that normally accompanies the days after Christmas. "Having" to stay home and not go anywhere because of the weather allowed us to just be. To do things together that we probably would not have done. I would have gotten into life business mode. Shopping to do. Laundry to catch up. Lessons for Sunday to prepare. Shirts, pants and skirts to iron. Shoes, belts and ties to gather up. Sunday/church bags to pack. All that was deleted from last nights routine. Instantly we were given time.

So I decided that having a day home from Church is like having a day off from school. It is so fun when it happens. If it happened all the time we would get tired of it. But for the day its fun.
I am thankful for that.

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