Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blessing a Day 2009-December 26

December 26th Tuesday-
Last night I was thankful for another day to be together- It felt so fun to be able to just stay home again and be together. Jay did get out with Savanna for a little bit, and then we left (GASP!) all the kids for a little bit. It was a delight to get out for a little while, and good to get back home. I loved being out with Jay, driving through parking lots and then making it home safe. I did tell him that I would not be driving in this snow/ice by myself and that if I were going to go to church the next day, he would have to drive me and the kids because I just was not going to drive in it. ( we did not take our van out- we took the white car- in case we had trouble we did not want the van to get wrecked or stuck!)

But the big thing I was thankful for was getting to watch- the full season of "Sing Off" on hulu with Jay and the kids. It was like all the good of the show Glee without all the gunk. (I watched Glee a few times and just did not like all the junk of the story line- I only liked the singing so I stopped watching it.)
We had so much fun- picking our favorite groups and cheering along, and then finding the original versions of the songs for the kids to hear how close the groups sounded to them. We danced and sang, and agreed or boo'ed the judges comments. (I loved Ben Folds critiques!) Tucker even started to sing the intro song. We groaned every time Nick would announce the leaving group would sing their "swan song" and then laugh at the term being used every night. It was fun to have something that the whole family wanted to watch together. That we could watch all together. We were not concerned what might come on that might not be appropriate. Thankful for music. Thankful to share it together. Love that a cappella singing!

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  1. I watched every episode of that too. It was so much fun. I loved the Beelzububs they looked like they were always having such a blast.